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Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Licensing Services at DAEM CONTRACTING LLC

Navigating the DHA licensing process is essential for healthcare professionals and facilities planning to operate in Dubai. DAEM CONTRACTING LLC specializes in facilitating this complex process, ensuring compliance with Dubai’s stringent healthcare standards. Our expert services help you obtain DHA approval efficiently, allowing you to focus on providing top-quality healthcare services.

Daem constructions DHA Approvals

Why DHA Approval?

DHA approval certifies that healthcare professionals and facilities meet the highest standards of quality and safety, as mandated by the Dubai Health Authority. This approval is crucial not only for legal operation within Dubai but also for ensuring patient safety and service excellence.

The DHA Approval Process Explained

Our step-by-step guidance simplifies the DHA approval process, which typically takes about two months but can extend up to a year depending on the specifics of the application. Here’s how we assist you from start to finish:

  1. Preliminary Requirements:

  • Self-Assessment and Planning: Begin with a thorough self-assessment using DHA’s tools and plan your application meticulously.
  • Sheryan Account Creation: We help set up your Sheryan account, the online portal for health licensing in Dubai.
  1. Documentation and Application:

  • Document Preparation: Gather and prepare all necessary documents, including:
    • Passport copies and photos
    • Medical or healthcare degrees
    • Licensing from your home country
    • Good Standing Certificate (GSC)
    • Primary Source Verification (PSV) report
    • Detailed CV
  1. Assessments and Verification:

  • PSV and CBT Assessments: We guide you through the Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) and the Computer Based Testing (CBT).
  • Oral Assessment Scheduling: Assistance in scheduling your oral assessment, a crucial step for the clinical scope verification.
  1. License Activation:

  • Professional License Registration: Once all assessments are cleared, we help you finalize the registration and activate your professional license.
  1. Facility Licensing Support:

  • Facility Layout Approval: Ensure your health facility’s layout meets DHA’s standards, with our experts guiding you through necessary adjustments and documentation.
  • Final Approvals: Coordination with Dubai Municipality and DHA to secure final approvals and launch your healthcare facility confidently.

Types of DHA Licenses

  • Full License: For professionals meeting all criteria set by DHA, allowing full practice rights.
  • Provisional License: For those in the process of meeting full criteria, allowing practice under supervision.

Benefits of DHA Licensing Through DAEM CONTRACTING LLC

  • Compliance Assurance: Ensures that all aspects of your healthcare practice comply with local regulations, avoiding legal pitfalls.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Reduces the time to navigate the approval process with expert handling of all aspects.
  • Focus on Healthcare: Frees you to focus on patient care and service delivery while we handle the bureaucratic process.

Contact Us

Get started with your DHA licensing process today by contacting DAEM CONTRACTING LLC:

  • Phone: +971 50 884 9955
  • Email: sam@daemuae.com
  • Address: 20 18 St. RAS AL KHOR industrial area, Dubai, UAE