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Emaar Approvals

Emaar Approvals

Emaar Properties, a leading real estate developer in Dubai, is known for its iconic projects such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. For businesses and individuals looking to modify properties, build new structures, or invest in Emaar developments, obtaining the necessary approvals is a crucial step. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Emaar approval process, helping you navigate the requirements smoothly and efficiently.

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Why Emaar?

Emaar Properties has been a driving force in shaping Dubai’s skyline since 1997. Choosing Emaar for your property needs comes with several benefits:

  • Access to Iconic Properties: Emaar developments are some of the most sought-after in Dubai, offering high quality and prestige.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Emaar provides easy and flexible payment options, making investment more accessible.
  • Reliable Developer: Emaar’s reputation ensures that properties are built to high standards, with a focus on luxury and sustainability.

Types of Approvals

  1. Property Purchase Approval:

    • Required for buying property within Emaar developments.
    • Involves registration with Dubai Land Department (DLD).
  2. Modification Approval:

    • Necessary for any structural changes or interior modifications to existing properties.
    • Ensures changes comply with Emaar’s standards and local regulations.
  3. New Construction Approval:

    • For constructing new buildings within Emaar communities.
    • Requires detailed architectural and engineering plans.
  4. Tenancy and Leasing Approval:

    • For leasing Emaar properties, whether residential or commercial.
    • Ensures all lease agreements meet Emaar’s terms.

Steps to Obtain Emaar Approval

  1. Initial Application:

    • Create an account on the Emaar online portal.
    • Submit the initial application with required documents.
  2. Document Submission:

    • Foreign investors need to provide a copy of their passport.
    • Local investors must submit a passport copy, Emirates ID, and visa.
    • A 10% down payment of the property’s value is required.
    • Pay 4% of the property value and 3000 AED to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
  3. Design and Planning Approval:

    • Submit detailed architectural and structural plans if modifying or constructing a property.
    • Ensure plans adhere to Emaar’s design guidelines and local building codes.
  4. Inspection and Final Approval:

    • Emaar will conduct inspections to ensure compliance with approved plans.
    • Once inspections are passed, final approval is granted, allowing you to proceed with your project.

Guidelines for Approval

  • Follow Emaar’s Standards: Adhere to the design and construction guidelines provided by Emaar to ensure smooth approval.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Ensure all necessary documents are complete and accurate to avoid delays.
  • Engage Professional Help: Consider hiring a professional agency experienced in handling Emaar approvals to streamline the process.

Benefits of Emaar Approval

  • High-Quality Developments: Emaar properties are known for their superior quality and design.
  • Increased Property Value: Approved modifications and new constructions can significantly enhance property value.
  • Smooth Transaction Process: Emaar’s structured approval process ensures clarity and efficiency.


Obtaining Emaar approvals is a critical step for anyone looking to invest in, modify, or develop properties within Emaar communities. By following the guidelines and understanding the process, you can ensure compliance and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Emaar Properties. DAEM Contracting LLC is here to assist you through every step, providing expert guidance and support to achieve your approval goals efficiently.

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