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RTA approval services

At DAEM CONTRACTING LLC, we specialize in providing extensive RTA approval services, covering everything from individual driver needs to comprehensive corporate solutions. Our expert guidance ensures you navigate RTA requirements with efficiency and full compliance, meeting all your needs with precision and timely execution.


RTA approval services

For Drivers and Car Owners

Vehicle Services:

  • Vehicle Renewal: Expedite your vehicle registration renewal with our streamlined process ensuring minimal downtime and guaranteed compliance.
  • Special Plate Numbers: Customize your vehicle with special plate numbers, offering a wide selection of unique identifiers that enhance the distinctiveness of your vehicle.
  • Document Validation: Secure and authenticate your vehicle-related documents with our robust validation service, preventing any legal inconveniences.

Fines Management:

  • Traffic Fines Payment: Facilitate the payment of traffic fines across all Emirates with our user-friendly online service platform.
  • Parking Fines: Avoid unnecessary penalties with our efficient parking fine management system, offering quick dispute resolutions and payment options.
  • Salik Management: From purchasing new Salik tags to modifying account details and disputing toll records, manage all your Salik requirements through our comprehensive portal.
  • Dispute Fines: We offer expert assistance in disputing fines, providing the necessary documentation and support to challenge unjust penalties.

License Services:

  • Driving License Renewal and Replacement: Renew or replace your driving license with ease. We handle all paperwork and ensure that you meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Driving Tests Management: Book, reschedule, or cancel driving test appointments using our simplified booking system. Gain access to preparatory resources and guidelines.
  • International Driving Permits and Electric Scooter Permits: We assist in obtaining international driving permits and local permits for electric scooters, facilitating compliance with global and local transport regulations.

Parking Services:

  • Seasonal Parking Permits: Obtain or renew your seasonal parking permits through our portal, which provides up-to-date information on parking regulations and availability.
  • mParking Services: Utilize our mParking service for convenient street parking payments, available through SMS or app, enhancing your parking experience in Dubai.

For Public Transport Users

Nol Card Services:

  • Card Top-Up and Management: Easily top up your Nol card online and manage all related services, including tracking expenditures and securing refunds for unused balances.
  • Card Renewal and Refund: Automatically renew your Nol card or apply for refunds with our guided support, ensuring you maximize the utility and value of your card.

Metro and Tram Services:

  • Travel Guides and Maps: Access detailed guides and route maps for the Dubai Metro and Tram, including station information, timings, and service alerts.
  • Safety Protocols: Stay informed about the latest safety protocols and regulations to ensure a secure and safe journey on Dubai’s metro and tram.

Bus Services:

  • Route Information and Scheduling: Get comprehensive details about bus routes, schedules, and connection points to efficiently plan your travel within Dubai.
  • Bus Fine Disputes: Receive assistance in disputing bus-related fines, with support in gathering evidence and presenting your case effectively.

Marine Transport Services:

  • Marine Options and Tickets: Explore various marine transport options such as the Abra, Water Bus, and Dubai Ferry. Purchase tickets and get schedule details through our service.
  • Shipyard Services: Access information on shipyard services and regulations, essential for marine vehicle maintenance and compliance.

For Business & Corporate Users

Corporate Services:

  • Commercial Licensing and Permits: From applying for commercial license plates to securing event and advertising permits, our services cover all corporate needs with RTA.
  • NOCs for Business Operations: Obtain No Objection Certificates for various business operations, ensuring seamless regulatory compliance and operational integrity.

Traffic and Infrastructure Services:

  • Infrastructure NOCs and Permitting: We facilitate NOCs for infrastructure projects, including major roadworks and building numbering, ensuring timely approvals and compliance with urban planning regulations.

Vendor and Contractor Services:

  • Vendor Registration and Bidding: Engage with RTA projects by registering as a vendor. We provide detailed guidelines on the bidding process, submission of proposals, and compliance with procurement regulations.

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For detailed information or to access our services, please reach out:

  • Phone: +971 50 884 9955
  • Email: sam@daemuae.com
  • Address: 20 18 St. RAS AL KHOR industrial area, Dubai, UAE
  • website: daemuae.com