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Introduction: Delving into the intricate process of drawing submission for Civil Defense approval presents challenges. DAEM CONTRACTING LLC, an established leader in the construction and contracting arena situated in Dubai, UAE, possesses profound expertise in navigating this essential procedure. This detailed guide aims to elucidate the prerequisites, offering strategic insights for executing timely and regulation-compliant project submissions, in line with DAEM CONTRACTING LLC’s unwavering commitment to excellence and adherence to regulations.

Understanding Drawing Submission

The Core Intentions

The essence of submitting drawings to Civil Defense transcends mere compliance, serving as a fundamental element for project safety and adherence. The primary objectives encompass:

    • Establishing standardized protocols for Civil Defense approval.

    • Facilitating the transmission of critical information to engineering professionals.

    • Ensuring efficient and code-compliant project submissions.

General Requirements Overview

The submission framework includes a variety of general criteria, customized to the distinct aspects of projects such as architectural designs, fire detection, and suppression systems. These standards aim to simplify the approval process while guaranteeing that all projects conform to the stringent safety regulations mandated by the Civil Defense.

Key Submission Criteria

File Format and Size

    • Acceptable formats are PDF and DWF, with a maximum file size of 50Mb to streamline online submissions.

    • The cumulative size of a project’s attachments must not surpass 200Mb, in accordance with portal management policies.

Number of Files and Naming Conventions

    • A typical submission consists of 4 to 6 distinct files, addressing various elements from life safety to LPG systems.

    • Files should adhere to a prescribed naming structure, such as “Application Number LIFE SAFETY,” to promote systematic evaluation.

Prohibited Drawings

Drawings related to HVAC or plumbing are not within the Civil Defense’s review purview, which focuses exclusively on fire and life safety components.

Reasons for Application Rejection

Applications can be declined for several reasons, including but not limited to incorrect file sequencing, inadequate naming, or omissions like missing color coding or scale indicators. These stringent standards guarantee that only fully compliant submissions are considered, highlighting the critical nature of detailed preparation.

Legends and Symbols

Incorporating distinct legends and symbols is essential. Each category of drawing, ranging from life safety to LPG systems, employs specific symbols to enhance clarity and compliance, aiding the Civil Defense’s review process.

Consultant and Décor/Fit-Out Submissions

Drawing Submission

Consultants and décor/fit-out contractors must adhere to particular protocols, spanning from life safety diagrams to fire detection systems. These protocols cover various elements, from color schemes to detailed drawing components, ensuring a cohesive approach to safety and compliance.

Color Schemes and Details

    • Life safety diagrams, for example, utilize a unique color palette to highlight different safety features, such as fire access routes and emergency exits, facilitating swift evaluation and decision-making.

    • Fire detection and alarm systems, as well as voice evacuation systems, demand comprehensive schematics and color coding to precisely illustrate the infrastructure and enable effective emergency responses.


The process of drawing submission stands as a pivotal element in project approval, demanding rigorous attention to detail and strict compliance with established guidelines. DAEM CONTRACTING LLC’s proficiency and dedication to regulatory compliance streamline project realization, guaranteeing safety and adherence to norms. This guide accentuates the criticality of a meticulous and standardized approach to drawing submissions, mirroring DAEM CONTRACTING LLC’s commitment to achieving excellence in every facet of construction and contracting endeavors.

For more information or to discuss your project requirements with DAEM CONTRACTING LLC, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with your construction and contracting needs, ensuring compliance with Civil Defense standards and regulations. Contact us today to learn how we can support your projects to fruition with excellence and adherence to safety norms.


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