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Dubai Décor Inspection Passing | Full Guide

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Navigating the complexities of the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) décor inspection is essential for any construction or renovation project focusing on interior decoration within Dubai. As regulations tighten and standards evolve, the importance of compliance cannot be overstressed. This guide, provided by DAEM CONTRACTING LLC, offers a comprehensive overview to help you understand and meet DCD standards, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and legally.

The Importance of Passing the Dubai Décor Inspection

Successfully passing the Dubai décor inspection is critical not only for adhering to local regulations but also for ensuring the safety, functionality, and sustainability of your interior design projects. Compliance with DCD standards helps mitigate potential risks, protects property and lives against fire hazards, and enhances the overall quality of construction. Furthermore, passing the inspection streamlines the process of obtaining necessary permits and facilitates smoother project execution, ultimately contributing to the project’s timely and successful completion.

Essential Documentation from Main Contractors

To successfully navigate the Dubai décor inspection, main contractors must prepare and submit several important documents:

Fitout Permit

Official Authorization

Before commencing any interior decoration work, it is crucial to obtain official authorization. This document serves as a green light that all preliminary standards and prerequisites have been met, ensuring the contractor is ready to proceed safely and legally.

DCD Approved Drawing

Plans Compliance

Ensuring your project plans comply with DCD standards is non-negotiable. These detailed plans must be reviewed and approved by the DCD, confirming adherence to all safety and regulatory requirements. This approval is essential to proceed with the confidence that the project design meets all necessary codes.

Contractor Trade License

Legal Permission

The contractor trade license is your ticket to legally undertaking decoration projects within Dubai. This document verifies that your business is recognized by local authorities and is compliant with the urban standards and guidelines set by the city.

DCD Fire Code Invoice

Financial Compliance

This document is a clear indication that all fees related to the DCD fire safety codes have been settled. It represents your project’s compliance with financial obligations regarding fire safety and is mandatory for the inspection process.

P.R.O Card or Delegate Card

Authorized Representation

Having a P.R.O Card or Delegate Card is essential for facilitating smooth interactions with the DCD. This card proves authorized representation for transactions and communications, which is vital for navigating the bureaucratic aspects of project approvals.

6-page Application Typed in Arabic

Project Details

This comprehensive application should detail the scope and specifications of your project and must be submitted in Arabic. It’s crucial for the DCD to have a clear understanding of what your project entails to ensure all aspects meet local regulations.

Green File

Safety Documentation

The Green File is a compilation of all relevant documents and certificates related to your project’s fire safety measures. This file is crucial for demonstrating that you have considered and addressed all potential fire hazards in your design and execution.

Requirements from Fire Fighting Contractors

Fire safety is a top priority for passing the DCD décor inspection. Firefighting contractors must provide several key documents:

Annual Maintenance Contract

Maintenance Assurance

This contract is your guarantee of regular maintenance and servicing of your project’s fire safety equipment. It’s a proactive measure to ensure that all safety systems remain functional and effective throughout the life of the building.

Installation Certificates

Equipment Compliance

Certificates for the installation of essential fire safety equipment, such as smoke detectors and fire sprinklers, must be provided. These documents prove that the installation has been completed correctly and in accordance with DCD standards.

Testing and Commissioning Reports for Fire Systems

System Efficiency

These detailed reports show the results of tests and assessments conducted to verify the operational efficiency of installed fire systems. They are critical for proving that your safety systems are not only installed but are also fully functional and effective.

Fire Alarm Interface Connection Certificate

System Integration

A certificate confirming that the fire alarm system is properly integrated with the building’s fire safety network is indispensable. This integration is crucial for ensuring that all systems communicate effectively in the event of a fire, providing timely alerts and responses.

Fire-rated Parquet Flooring Certificate

Material Safety

If your project includes wooden parquet flooring, it must be certified to meet fire safety standards. This certificate is necessary to prove that the materials used are suitable for use in a potentially hazardous environment.

Fire Alarm Control Panel Documents

System Specifications

Documentation related to the fire alarm control panel must detail its specifications, installation, and compliance. This ensures that the central component of your fire alarm system is up to code and capable of performing its critical functions.

24/7 Payment Receipt

Continuous Service Proof

This receipt proves that payments have been made for round-the-clock monitoring services of the fire safety systems, ensuring there is no lapse in safety oversight, which is crucial for immediate response capabilities.

Additional Compliance Certificates for Complete Approval

Additional certificates might also be required to finalize the approval process:

Valid Construction License

Authorization for Construction

Issued by the relevant authority, this license allows you to undertake construction activities. It’s a fundamental requirement that verifies your project is legally sanctioned to proceed with construction works.

Certificates for Importing, Installation, and Testing of Fire Systems

Comprehensive Equipment Compliance

These certificates ensure that all fire systems meet DCD standards and are fully operational. They cover everything from the importation and installation to the testing of these systems, affirming comprehensive compliance.

Undertaking Certificate for Maintaining Fire Equipment

Maintenance Commitment

This certificate is a commitment by the owner to maintain all fire safety equipment in working order. It’s a pledge to uphold safety standards and ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the safety installations.

Certificate for Installing Fire-rated Doors and Cables

Installation Verification

Verifying that all fire-rated installations, such as doors and cables, are up to code is crucial. This documentation must confirm that these critical components meet all safety requirements, providing enhanced protection against fire hazards.


Adhering to these comprehensive guidelines will help ensure that your project passes the Dubai décor inspection efficiently. Proper preparation of all required documentation and adherence to safety standards will streamline the inspection process, facilitating quicker project completion and compliance.

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  1. What documents are required for a DCD décor inspection?
  • Essential documents include the Fitout Permit, DCD Approved Drawing, Contractor Trade License, DCD Fire Code Invoice, P.R.O or Delegate Card, a detailed 6-page application in Arabic, and the Green File with safety documentation.
  1. Why is a Fitout Permit necessary for interior decoration in Dubai?
  • It ensures that interior works comply with local safety and regulatory standards.
  1. What is the role of the Contractor Trade License in the inspection process?
  • It verifies that the contractor is legally authorized to undertake decoration projects in Dubai.
  1. What is the importance of the Green File?
  • The Green File contains all relevant safety documentation, proving compliance with fire safety measures.
  1. How are installation certificates used in the inspection process?
  • They demonstrate that fire safety equipment has been installed correctly and complies with DCD standards.
  1. What should be included in the 6-page application typed in Arabic?
  • This application should detail the project’s scope, specifications, and any other relevant information to inform the DCD about the project details.

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