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Introduction: In the rapidly evolving landscape of Dubai’s construction and development sector, ensuring the safety and compliance of buildings with the United Arab Emirates’ stringent regulations is paramount. A critical step in this process is obtaining Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) drawing approval, a procedure that might seem daunting to many. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business entity, or a contractor, understanding the nuances of this process can significantly streamline your project’s progress. If you’re unfamiliar with DAEM CONTRACTING LLC, let us introduce you to how our expertise can simplify obtaining your DCD drawing approval, ensuring your project aligns with Dubai’s safety and security standards.

The Essence of DCD Drawing Approval

DCD drawing approval is not just a regulatory hurdle; it’s a cornerstone of your project’s safety and compliance framework. This approval process ensures that your construction or renovation plans adhere to the UAE’s Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, reflecting a commitment to safeguard lives and property. The process involves the submission of detailed drawings and documents, each serving a distinct purpose in demonstrating your project’s compliance with fire safety and emergency preparedness standards.

Required Drawings & Details for Submission

To navigate the DCD approval process, a precise set of drawings and documents is essential. These include:

  1. Cover Sheet & Key Plan: A comprehensive overview highlighting units with specific annotations.
  2. Floor Plans: Both existing and proposed, delineating fire-rated walls and their respective ratings.
  3. Layouts for Flooring and Ceiling: Indicating materials and specifications such as ceramic, gypsum, or aluminum.
  4. Sections & Emergency Layouts: Showing vertical dimensions and arrangements for sprinklers, smoke/heat detectors, and emergency lighting.
  5. Furniture or Equipment Layout: Detailing the placement within the space.
  6. Device Typical Details: Providing specifics on fire safety installations.

Documentation Necessities


The submission must be accompanied by a set of documents, including:

  • Trade license copy
  • Ejari or tenancy contract
  • NOC from the property owner or management
  • Affection plan and drawing review charges

These documents complement the drawings, providing a legal and contextual basis for the approval.


At DAEM CONTRACTING LLC, we understand the intricacies of the DCD approval process. Our team of experienced engineers and consultants is well-versed in the requirements and standards set by the Dubai Civil Defence. We offer comprehensive services to manage and expedite your DCD drawing approval, from initial consultation to final submission.


The Green File and On-Site Requirements

The “Green File” is a crucial component, encompassing all fire-related certificates, DCD-approved drawings, and relevant permits. Our team ensures that your project’s Green File is meticulously prepared and submitted. Furthermore, we coordinate the necessary on-site presence of fire safety professionals during inspections, ensuring all criteria are met for a seamless approval process.

The Role of a DCD Approved Contractor

Being a registered contractor with the DCD, DAEM CONTRACTING LLC is authorized to apply for and manage fire safety equipment installations and compliance. Our credentials include:

  • Practice certificate from Dubai Municipality
  • Qualification and experience certificates
  • Membership at the UAE Society of Engineers

This status allows us to navigate the approval process efficiently, ensuring your project meets all required fire safety standards.

Our Approach to DCD Approval

Our approach is comprehensive and tailored to each project’s unique requirements. We begin by understanding your project’s scope and the existing fire safety provisions. Following this, we prepare and submit the necessary drawings and documents through the DCD’s online portal, manage the approval process, and coordinate the final site inspection to secure your completion certificate.


Navigating the DCD drawing approval process can be complex, but with DAEM CONTRACTING LLC, you have a partner equipped with the expertise and experience to guide you through every step. Our commitment to excellence and compliance ensures your project not only meets but exceeds Dubai’s safety standards. For more information on how we can assist with your DCD drawing approval, contact us today.

For inquiries and further assistance, please reach out to us:

Website: daemuae.com
Office Address: 20 18 St. RAS AL KHOR industrial area, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +971 50 884 9955
Email: info@daemuae.com

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